Highway 152 – Pacheco Pass, CA

Many psychics have insisted this harmless-looking mountain pass is cursed, or in New Age parlance, “infested with negative energy.” The Pacheco Valley area seems to have an unusual history of violence which dates back to bloody battles between Indians and settlers.

Today, the California Highway Patrol recognizes the pass as one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the state. There are numerous reports of drivers try to run each other off the road, as well as frequent landsides and reports of fistfights, which lend credence to the violent emotions felt by psychic individuals who have visited here.

Highway 152 runs between I-5 and U.S. Highway 1, in central California. The cursed section of the ss is on a five-mile stretch of Highway 152, which bens a few miles west of the Santa Clara County line.

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