Ghost hunting equipment Paranologies Parascope 360′ for paranormal research

Price: $149.90
(as of 08/17/2022 02:54 UTC - Details)
Product Description
Product Features

Produced specifically for Paranormal Investigations. The 360 Parascope is famous from several Paranormal TV shows. It detects static electric fields (also called DC fields – Direct Current). This is natural energy that we ourselves emit in a low amount. It is the energy that you feel when the hair at the back of your neck stands up. Man made equipment / electricity emits AC fields so the 360 Parascope will never be confused by such energy fields. The 360 Parascope lights up to indicate the direction an approaching DC energy fields is coming from. An ambient blue light makes the 360 Parascope easy to spot in the dark.

  • Detects static electric fields
  • Monitors 360 degrees around it
  • Lights up to indicate the direction a field is approaching from
  • Ambient blue light makes the 360 Parascope visible in the dark

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