EVP recorder Ghost Hunting Equipment- Paranormal investigation

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Disembodied voices usually occur at a frequency lower than normal human ears can detect this is where the sensitiveEVP recorder comes in.This light weight, sturdy, easy to hold recorder is great for capturing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Excellent for interacting with ghosts and spirits when asking questions on a hunt. FEATURES: 8GB Memory, “SP” for high quality recording voice without distorting, “SP Voice” for high quality recording under voice activated recording, Can record telephone conversations, Backlit LCD screens, supports mp3/.wma/ .wmv/ .asf formats. Built-in microphone, Built-in speaker, mp3 music function, high speed USB 2.0 data transfer technology, rechargeable lithium battery.Comes with a set of earphones for playback, a wired microphone, a USB cable (for charging and data transfer to a computer). Comes with user manual. Colours are black and silver please message is if you would like a specific colour.

  • Bulit in speaker
  • 8GB Memory
  • Built in microphone
  • light and compact -making use on the move easy
  • Backlit screen

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