Compact Infrared (IR) Light for Ghost Hunting

Price: $32.95
(as of 08/18/2022 04:10 UTC - Details)
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Compact IR Light Amazing light in the smallest package ever! This compact Creepy Hollow night vision light was made to offer a good amount of IR light in the smallest package ever! Using just 2 high-power LED lights it utilizes a lithium battery for over 10 hours of use. For it’s size, it packs a surprisingly powerful punch to any camera or camcorder that has infrared sensitivity (night vision, full spectrum, night shot, et.) Stick it and go! Attach it to any camera or camcorder using the included hook & loop strip and you are good to go. **Note** The LED lights on this unit are infrared only. Since there is no visible light emitted from the unit you will not see them light up with the naked eye. You must have an infrared sensitive camera, camcorder or DVR cameras in order to take advantage of this light system. Example photos above using this light in combination with our Full Spectrum HD Camcorder. Results will vary based on camera model and settings.

  • Over 20 foot distance (depending on camera specs)
  • 2 high power infrared LEDs
  • Long lasting - over 10 hours on a single battery

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