Portal Road – Lone Pine, CA

In the late 1860s, Paiute Indians freuently attacked the Alabama Hills Army Fort that stood here. Over a century later, bands of phantom Indians are reportedly still attacking residents of the area. 

Eyewitnesses have reported a man dressed as an Indian chief leads the renegades, who have surrounded several homes and then disappear. One woman recalls seeing the ghost of a lone black rifleman leading a band of eight ghostly Indians across the freshly mowed lawn of her yard. For fifteen minutes she heard gunshots and the apparitions seemed to fire on an invisible fortress located across the creek in front of her house. Her neighbors have reported similar encounters.

Lone Pine is in Inyo County at the junction of U.S. Highway 395 and Highway 136. The incidents happen a few miles west of town on Portal Road, which leads up to Mount Whitney.

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