P-SB7 Spirit Box with DAS108 Orbital Bluetooth Universal Speaker

Price: $89.90
(as of 08/18/2022 08:11 UTC - Details)
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We have searched long and hard for a replacement to the discontinued Altec Lansing IM228 and IM227 Orbit Speakers. After months of research and testing numerous speakers, we are excited to announce that we have found one that offers a unparalleled sound performance. The DAS108 speaker easily surpassed the sound quality of any other speaker in its category. The DAS108 speaker features incredible sound quality with no sound distortion. It is a heavy duty, all metal speaker with a magnetic field that is 4 TIMES more powerful than the Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker. Weighing in just under 1 pound, the all metal construction combined with enhanced voice coil and increased magnetic field helps to provide supreme sound quality with the deep bass response. Users will quickly recognize the advantages that offer an unprecedented platform for paranormal communication when this speaker is paired with the P-SB7 or P-SB11 Spirit Box!

  • "This speaker is far better than advertised. Very high quality! Thanks again!!" -Savannah_2008 (eBay buyer)
  • User Selectable Sweep Forward / Reverse Sweep Rates
  • Internal 1" Speaker. New DAS108 Orbital Speaker included!
  • Power: P-SB7: (3) Alkaline Batteries (Included), DAS108: rechargeable lithum-ion battery
  • Configuration used by Zak Bagans

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