MyDeal VisiGHOST UV Ultraviolet 9 LED Blacklight Pocket Flashlight WITH BATTERIES for Paranormal Research on Ghosts, Spirits, Entities and More! Includes Strap and Carabiner Keychain

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Product Description
Product Features

Ghost Hunting
Ghosts, entities and spirits may be more visible in other light spectrums than the normal narrow range of visible light. UV light appears above violet light in the electromagnetic spectrum. This higher frequency of light is theorized to attract spirits or even detect spirit manifestation. The light can be used with UV sensitive cameras to help record any paranormal activity.

See the Invisible!
All the power of the “Black Light” has been shrunk into a pocket-size tool with all kinds of uses. The UV light works by illuminating phosphors in substances that the naked eye cannot see on its own.

Quality Construction
This compact, portable light packs 9 UV-A bulbs for powerful, even illumination. The bulbs emit 390-395 nanometer wavelength and will last up to 100,000hours! The durable aluminum-alloy body will ensure your UV – light will last for years.

So Many Uses!
SECURITY- Check for hidden marks and identifiers
USE- ID / Documents / Currency / Credit Cards / UV stamps

ART & JEWELRY- Find repairs, overpainting, retouching, stains and material differences
USE- Art / Fabric / Ceramics / Glass / Gemstones

LEAK DETECTION- Trace leaks to the source from cars and appliances
USE- Refrigeration / Oil / Differential / Wheel Bearings / Air Conditioning / Brake Fluid

ANIMAL TRACES and STAINS- Find hidden pet stains, pest hideouts or track animals during hunting
USE- Urine Stains / Rodent Hair / Blood / Scorpions / Bed Bugs

INVESTIGATION – Find traces and clues that could be overlooked
USE- Accelerants / Chemicals / Bodily Fluids

  • INCLUDES 3 x AAA batteries so you can start searching right out of the box!
  • 9 high power UV-A bulbs for provide a strong exposure with wide coverage. The bulbs are cool to the touch and last up to 100,000 hours!
  • Pocket size (3.5L x 1W inches) for easy portability and use on-the-go. There are so many uses, you'll want it with you all the time!
  • Durable alloy construction to withstand daily use. Includes finger strap to prevent dropping and keep your hands free when needed.
  • Perfect for Security, Pet Stain Detection, ID/Money Verification, Hotel Cleanliness, Leak Detection, Crime Investigation, Art Authentication, Hunting and much, much more!

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