Hunting Ghosts: A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide

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Welcome to the always interesting and sometimes scary world of ghost hunting! Join author Russ Vogels, a Paranormal Investigator with over four decades of knowledge and experience, as he takes you on a fascinating and information packed journey into the world of Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation. Hunting Ghosts is written to give you a real understanding of paranormal investigation and the spirit/ghostly realm; along with a fundamental outline of how to properly “ghost hunt”. Hunting Ghosts: A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide’s goal is NOT to try and make you an overnight “INSTANT EXPERT” in all things pertaining to ghost hunting, that’s impossible; but simply to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to get you started on the RIGHT PATH to becoming a TRUE professional paranormal investigator. “Paranormal investigation in general, by its very nature and subject matter, does not operate in or conform to the rigid set of hierarchical scientific rules, designed for the physical world alone. Sometimes things happen that simply defy logic and fail to conform to what we normally perceive and believe as possible”. “Because we have yet to conclusively prove something, does not mean it doesn’t in fact exist. The paranormal investigator is one who realizes that and yet still continues their quest, in spite of any adversity. To the TRUE paranormal investigator, “scientifically impossible” is simply something the so-called scientific community utters and clings to when they themselves have thrown up their hands and given up”. Do you have what i takes to be a TRUE professional paranormal investigator?

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