Holcomb Road, Near Pemberville, OH

This road is in northern Ohio near Pemberville and just off highway 199.  I was on a trip to visit my sister who lives near Toledo and we were looking for some supposedly haunted place to check out.  We did some research and found this road, which is only about 20 minutes from my sister’s house.  We decided to check it out for ourselves.

The stories about this road tell of a tragedy involving a school bus accident and the death of several kids and the driver.  It’s been told how you can see red eyes in the woods along with children looking at you through the trees.  There have also been reports of a phantom light floating toward you if you stop and park at the entrance of the woods or that the single light may chase you out of the woods.

Well, we didn’t see any red eyes. We got there right around dusk and drove down the road the first time.  We were nervous of course because we had read all the stories.  As we headed toward the woods, we noticed a vehicle approaching us.  Oddly enough, it was an old school bus.  That was freaky, but it really was a bus.  We watched it as it drove past us. Besides the bus, the first time we just drove through and nothing really happened.  My sister snapped pictures as I drove.  It was kind of funny though how when I looked in the rear view mirror I saw a single headlight behind us.  When I pulled over to turn around, we were passed by a beat up old truck with a busted headlight.  I guess you could say we did get followed by a light. 

The trip back was much more exciting.  It was dark by this time and we decided to drive very slowly so my sister could take some pictures on the other side of the road.  We were really creeped out by this point.  The place is very dark and has an erie feeling about it. I was almost at a complete stop when my sister looked at a picture she has just snapped and yelled “Get the #*@! out of here!”.  So I did.  I wasn’t sure what was up because I had been focused on driving and didn’t see anything.  She said she had seen someone looking back at her in the passenger’s side mirror.  We got out of there in a hurry and didn’t bother to look back. 

When we looked at the pictures, we did see some strange things.  Is that a child looking at us from the woods?  What is that weird green light? What exactly is that in the mirror?  I have posted some pictures here.  It’s really hard to see anything on the mirror picture, but you can see it if you look in the camera.  I don’t know what’s up with the infamous Holcomb road, but if you’re looking to scare yourself silly, maybe you should check it out…

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