Ghost Hunting Beginner Kit with EVP, EMF and Hard Case

Price: $142.99
(as of 08/18/2022 01:31 UTC - Details)
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The Beginner Ghost Hunting Kit features a great mix of high quality items for EMF and EVP documentation for those just starting out in ghost hunting. This equipment it staple gear investigators will use from the start all the way through into their pro years. This kit includes the following items: Rook EMF Meter with lights and sound to detect energy changes quickly and easily. This kit includes a padded case with belt loop. EVP Band Wrist Recorder 3 is a handy audio recorder for documenting EVP evidence. Because it can be work on your wrist, it is very easy and helps with quality recording. This also includes a flashlight for investigating and general safety. This twist-head flashlight is great for use with the ‘flashlight experiment’. This package also includes a hard shell carry case to keep your equipment safe.

  • NEW 2017 starter kit for ghost hunters by GhostStop
  • Makes a great gift!
  • Quality, professional gear even the pros rely on
  • Includes: EMF Meter, EVP Recorder, Flashlight, Hard Case

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