Field Guide to Haunted Highways & Bridges

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Travel down the haunted highways and byways throughout the United States as author and long-time ghost researcher Dale Kaczmarek take you on a mysterious journey along our haunted infrastructure. Many thousands of people lose their lives every year traveling on highways, interstates, country roads, and city streets. Perhaps those who died suddenly and tragically still roam the site where they left the earth as a residual haunt or in some cases a more intelligent interactive spirit. Traverse numerous haunted bridges where lose of life has also occurred from people plummeting their cars off the bridges, to people committing suicide from hanging themselves of jumping from these structures and the infamous dozens of so-called Cry Baby Bridges. Kaczmarek sorts through the many local legends to get to the raw facts behind these unearthly and spooky locations in an attempt to get the reader to the source of the hauntings to decide for themselves is it haunted or not?

  • Field Guide to Haunted Highways Bridges

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