Dowsing Rod Copper -Solid Material 99% – Ghost Hunting, Divining Water, Gold, Buried Items, etc. Instructions and Video Sources Included – 5×13 Inch – Non-toxic

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Copper is an expensive metal and unfortunately, some of the sellers prefer using COPPER COATED rods instead of solid copper material.

What is wrong with copper coated rods?

Factories usually produce copper coated steel rods for a purpose of gas welding. Size and thickness of these gas welding rods are very suitable for creating dowsing rods. Lead is one out of four metals that have the most damaging effects on human health. It can enter the human body through uptake of food, water and air.

Lead can cause several unwanted effects:

– Rise in blood pressure, kidney damage, miscarriages and subtle abortions, disruption of nervous systems, brain damage, declined fertility of men, diminished learning abilities of children. Lead can enter a fetus through the placenta of the mother which can cause serious damage to the nervous system and the brains of unborn children.

Read more: “lenntech” website

How do I find out if they are copper coated?

It’s simple, you can use the image reference I placed above. Obviously, solid copper rods are also made of copper in their section. Copper coated rods have a thin layer of copper in outside edges of the steel rod. So they have non-copper material.

● If you’re looking for water, wet your hands or attach a very small bottle of water to the rods (I included two glass bottles with cork cap for your use). Attach a piece of jewelry for gold finding

● As translated from one preface of the Kassel experiments, “roughly 10,000 active dowsers in Germany alone can generate a conservatively-estimated annual revenue of more than $50 million”. GWUP-Psi-Tests 2004: Keine Million Dollar für PSI-Fähigkeiten

  • 100% Hand made in USA - Ships in same day of purchase
  • Instructions + links to video sources to master dowsing skills
  • 99% Copper handles (5") and 99% Solid copper rods (13")
  • Easy swing - Also two glass bottles included

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