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Have you ever driven down a haunted highway? Most likely you have; you just didn’t realize it. Have you ever seen something (or someone) strange on the side of the road that gave you an eerie feeling? It could have been a phantom traveler. These are people or even animals that haunt road or certain locations due to some sort of connection to that particular place.

There have been numerous stories of phantom hitchhikers – usually young, attractive females who seem to be in distress. They appear in front of a driver on a dark highway looking like they need help. The driver stops and asks if she needs a ride. Once they reach the destination, she has mysteriously disappeared. Time after time, the driver will go to the house looking for the girl only to find out that she died years earlier.

Other stories tell of spirits who suddenly appear in the middle of the road causing the driver to run over them, only to realize there was never anyone there. That would freak me out for sure. Make sure you stay alert and keep an eye out for mysterious things when driving down dark, desolate roads. You never know who might show up.

There are haunted highways, haunted roads, and haunted streets all over the world. Some of them are incredibly spooky; others just look like ordinary roads. Either way, they are fascinating and I would love to be able to travel them all. So many haunted highways, so little time…

Here are a Few of Our Featured Haunted Highways:

Old Prospectors Road – Georgetown, CA

In the last 150+ years, Prospectors Road has claimed many lives due to its treacherous location. The ghost of a grumpy old prospector doesnt help the situation any. Reports say that if you see the weeds along the side of the road begin to part, watch out. Once the weeds part, the old prospector floats up the embankment and confronts drivers as they pass. Read More


Ortega Road – Montecito, CA

The ghosts of 3 nuns allegedly tortured and killed by Indians have haunted this roadway for over 100 years. Las Tres Hermanas, as they have come to be called, stand on the roadside with their arms folded, wearing black and white habits. Read More.



Highway 65 – Evergreen, AL

A section of this modern thruway is haunted. Engineers built the highway over sacred Creek Indian burial grounds. The hills around Evergreen remain the Creeks’ spiritual home, and many believe that their ghosts haunt the white man’s highway that runs through the middle of it. Read More